Strategic Marketing Audit


Before you move forward, you need to know where you are.  CR2 Marketing's Strategic Marketing Audit helps our clients to understand where they are and gives them a well thought out Case for Action that outlines what to do next, and more importantly, based on your priorities, what to do first.


It is important to have a plan and strategy so that you understand how to maximize the Return on Investment of your marketing dollars.  Without a plan, your marketing, as well as your marketing dollars might not have the effect or be as efficient as you desire.

Strategic Partnership Marketing


There are a million facets to marketing, some might say that marketing is Business. Over 75% of Business Development is marketing and over 75% of Business is about Business Development.  One facet of marketing that many small businesses overlooks is Partnership Marketing.  It is important that any marketing you do is done strategically.  This includes looking for and establishing Strategic Partners.


If you are looking to establish a Strategic Partnership and have not considered or included marketing in the discussions, your partnership might not be all it could be.  CR2 Marketing helps its clients understand all of the opportunities that could be presented with Partnership agreements.  Before you finalize a Strategic Partnership, ensure you have looked at all of your options.

Strategic Expert Marketing


Everybody trusts an expert. And, as every salesperson will tell you, individuals want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Being seen as an expert or thought leader in your niche or field will help your business and your career.


CR2 Marketing helps entrepreneurs and small businesses leverage the experts within your organization to expand your reach within your target market. Nothing will give more Credibility to new clients than a solid Reputation within your industry.

Speaker Marketing Strategy


Becoming a speaker is nerve wracking. Not just the speaking itself, but turning your speaking engagements into a marketing opportunity is very difficult.  Yes, while speaking you have a captive audience, but your presentation should not be a sales pitch, it is a way to Market your Products and Services if positioned correctly.


We help speakers develop a customized strategy to transform their speaking engagements into a Profitable venture.  Each speaker has their own unique strengths, so we utilize those strengths to maximize their exposure.

Social Media Strategy


Social Media seems a daunting task in today's Global Marketplace, but it does not have to be.  Social Media Marketing is the process of attracting website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social Media is just one of many marketing vehicles to reach, entertain, or inform your Clients or Potential Clients.


CR2 Marketing works with it clients to develop a streamlined process for interacting with Social Media to develop a community of businesses and consumers that want and need the information you are providing.  It is often more important what you don't share on Social Media, than what you do share.  Make sure you have the right strategy to attract your Ideal Client.