CR2 Marketing – Building Credibility, Relationship and Reputation

What is Marketing? Marketing is any activity that builds Credibility, Relationship or Reputation.



Credibility is how clients or prospects perceive your company, products or services BEFORE they use or need them. Most traditional business marketing that builds brand, awareness and identity is all about building credibility.



Relationship is how clients or prospects view you WHILE you are working or interacting with them. When building relationship, you are establishing both credibility and reputation.



Reputation is how clients or prospects view you you, your company, or your products and services AFTER utilizing your products and services. Managing reputation is a monstrous task in today’s instant communication world. How people think and interact with you is key to whether they will promote you in the future.


Understanding that every marketing activity will develop or build a mix of credibility, relationship and reputation can help you streamline your activities to maximize their effectiveness. It is important that your marketing plan includes activities in each of these areas to grow your business.


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