Trade Show Strategy


Trade shows are well-known as industry networking events that help promote brands and products. They can make meeting new clients, as well as developing market position and learning about other dealers within your industry easier and even enjoyable.


CR2 Marketing helps our clients establish Credibility, Relationship and Reputation by implementing a Trade Show strategy that is integrated with the overall Marketing Plan. Understanding what you or your company’s goals are, will help to maximize your Trade Show experience and grow your Brand, as well as your Sales.

Event Planning & Marketing


Have you ever been at an event, sponsored by a company and you have no idea what the company does, or why they are hosting the event?  That is something you don't want if You or Your Company are putting on the event.  You also do not want the event to be a continuous Sales Pitch.


We help our clients put on events that will Market their Brand, Service or Product and create an atmosphere that generates Credibility and Reputation without the attendees feeling abused and wanting to leave at the first opportunity.  Make sure you are maximizing your brand exposure while putting on an event where everyone wants to come back!


Networking Strategies


Networking is a concept that is often misunderstood and minimized in some business circles, even though it is one of the most efficient ways to gain exposure and develop key relationships and business partnerships.  Networking is not just meeting, socializing or schmoozing with people, it is forging relationships and alliances with key individuals in your business community.


CR2 Marketing develops marketing strategies focused around Business Networking tailored to your company and your company's goals, that can be employed to expand your brand and reach within your community.  We help ensure that you are getting positive results and not wasting your two most precious commodities – your time and your money while you are networking.

Customer Service Audit & Strategy


CR2 Marketing believes that Customer Service is the least utilized Marketing Channel for business. How a client views you while you are working with or for them will directly effect your future sales.  There has been a devout change from fortune 500 companies over the last several years, they are no longer outsourcing their Customer Service departments overseas, they are bringing them home.


Why is that?  Well, they have found that good Customer Service leads to the retention of current clients and can increase revenue through the most effective form of Marketing you can receive....Great Customer Reviews.

Communication Planning


Messaging is incredibly important to business to not only describe what you do and how you do it, but also to generate Customer Interest in your Products and Services. More important than your Message is the Communication Plan for delivering the message.  Frequency, Media and Reach are vital to determine if you are receiving the Return on your Marketing Investment.


CR2 Marketing helps their clients develop a customized communication plan that will have your clients calling you when they need you.  Keeping your Brand top of mind is crucial to stay ahead of your competition.