Marketing for Salespeople


Everyone is a salesperson in one form or another.  Whether you are a business owner or the receptionist, you can either help or hinder the sales process.  More importantly everyone in sales plays a critical role in the marketing function.  When you are in sales, presenting the Image, Brand and Message of your company (Marketing) and creating the need for your company’s products and services (Marketing) is essential for developing your sales pipeline.

Understanding basic marketing can exponentially increase the effectiveness of your sales team and processes.  Too many salespeople think that everything they do is about sales and selling, but if your sales team thought about Marketing instead of selling, they would get far better results.  To better understand this, let’s talk about what Sales and Marketing are.


(Excerpt from Marketing vs Sales Blog) To start with, what is the difference between marketing and sales?  Marketing provides the tools to build reputation, credibility and visibility. Without marketing, would you have prospects or leads to follow up with?  Sales is the strategy of meeting needs in an opportunistic, individual method, driven by human interaction.  It’s simply the ability to meet a need at the right time.  I call this the art of closing the deal.  Without good sales techniques and strategies, your closing rate may depress you. Marketing and sales should work simultaneously, but in most companies they are the same department and work too closely together, or in entirely different departments that don’t even speak to each other.  It is important to find balance.


My philosophy is that when a salesperson is going out to prospect or generate Leads, they are marketing their company and themselves…They are NOT selling.  The people that are out their selling to everyone they meet are damaging their individual and company brand every time they make a pitch at the wrong time.  This is not to say that you are not looking for opportunities, but you should wait to make a sales pitch until the prospect expresses a need or desire for your products and services.


This is why marketing is an essential skill that the best salespeople learn and use religiously.  Letting people know about your products and services and educating them as to why someone would want or need them is marketing.  A good salesperson will get people to ask them about their company, products and services without it sounding like a sales pitch.  Utilizing marketing can be tricky depending on venue, event or situation so play it safe and wait for the them to express a need before you make your pitch.


Learning how to get potential clients to ask about you and what you do is the first skill that successful salespeople master.  But then what do you say?  Well, that is where marketing comes in.  Developing key marketing material, like an individualized Elevator Pitch (the answer to what do you do?), that conveys what you do and is delivered with passion to intrigue your potential clients is just one example.  Understanding and empathizing with your potential client and answering their questions from a position of educating, not selling is very important.


If, as a Salesperson, you learn to market first, you will have more prospects, a pipeline that is full and ultimately more and higher quality sales.  Master marketing and you will have quality clients, referrals, and meet your sales goals!