Image or Identity is a primary focus of Marketing.  To decide what your image, or your corporate identity is, you must ask three important questions:


1.  Who do you or your company want to attract?

2.  How do you or your company want to come across?

3.  What does your Ideal Client Expect your image to be?


We work with our clients to develop a solid Image and Identity will help them create Credibility with new Prospects and Clients.



The CR2 Marketing definition of Brand is – A visual representation of the quality of products and services that a customer can expect from the company.


When creating a brand, it is important that your brand represents you, your company and the quality experience your customers are going to receive.  We help our clients think from the customer's perspective to ensure the Brand is something that their customers will remember and connect with, because the more your brand connects with your prospect, the faster they will become a lifelong customer.


Messaging (Content Strategy)


Consistent and congruent messaging is crucial to creating a unified picture that attracts your ideal client.  Everything you put out into the world, whether voice, video, web or print must convey your passion and be in your voice.


We partner with our clients to ensure that their message is heard and well received by their Ideal Client.  Web, Print or Networking Messages are equally important and can have long lasting effects on your business.  Sometimes, what you choose not to say is far more important than what you do say!

Web Strategy


While technology and the web are rapidly growing and evolving, consumers become increasingly weary and their attention spans have shortened considerably. It is important to think beyond tools and tactics and create a true strategy with your end result in mind.


Utilizing market research, competitor analysis and the ever growing arsenal of tools and utilities will help us to collaborate, create and monitor the effectiveness of your Web and Internet strategy.


Collateral Material Planning


When creating a Brand, your collateral marketing pieces (i.e. flyers, rack cards, letterhead, business cards, etc.), need a defined and structured strategy that integrates all communications, not just those printed. The most effective strategies are well defined and allow flexibility for future pieces and market movement.


CR2 Marketing ensures all your material looks and reads like it comes from one company, while at the same time, creating key distinctions between offered products and services.  We establish a style guide to enhance your brand image and ensure marketing consistency.  This allows for clarity and efficiency in presenting your company and your brand.